R.I.P Mac Miller

if you've ever struggled with substance abuse, i'm sure the news we all heard today hit you particularly hard.

as somebody who has always had a lot of true friends and loved ones, yet somehow always felt isolated and misunderstood, mac miller's work was always an uplifting reminder that there were others out there that were truly like me. a brilliant, underrated mind, mac miller explicitly stated numerous times both in lyric and interview that he had one main purpose: to open the mind. he seemed to have lived in a different world than the rest of us; swimming in a state of bliss, untethered by the physical, and openly sharing all the love and wisdom he held inside.

mac miller's soul was a beautiful one - even through the struggles of addiction and withdrawal, he always provided graceful life lessons in the form of his empowering art. perhaps what happened today can be his very last lesson to the rest of us lucky enough to receive it:

life is too precious to gamble with.

as someone who has fought my own demons, this is how i choose to internalize the tragedy that has struck the history of songwriters today. if that rings true to you as well, i suggest you do the same.

malcom mccormick, rest in peace. your life was a light that millions used to help guide theirs. this realm will always remember you as a legend, and we will continue to use your gifts for exactly what you intended them for: opening ourselves up, and truly enjoying the ride.

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