Floating Roots Podcast #2 - The Jordan Esker Interview

what's up friends! again - so sorry for the shitty visuals/audio quality. this time the lapel mic's went out and we had to use the camera audio. we're trying! lmao it'll get better i promise.

this episode is an interview with local musician Jordan Esker of the band Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent. dude is a real intelligent, real laid-back guy (and his band makes some kick-ass shit.) i had a great time getting into the nitty-gritty of his music, what songwriting means to a songwriter, and why music is as powerful as it is. his band is real, genuinely good indie shtuff. make sure you check out their new album "Fail to Learn." i wish the best to this dude and his whole team.

good stuff, this. i hope you guys enjoy this conversation half as much as i did having it :)


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