this is some of the smoothest shit i've ever heard. people don't come much cooler than these two, and when they create music together it elevates the listener to a place you can't normally reach. the vibes here are so mellowed out i legitimately stopped caring about my plans once the song came on.

if you don't feel the hook here, i question what you do feel. this is so dope there's just no way you can't dig it.

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bakar is just one of those musical acts so special that you're wrapped up in support by the end of the first song you hear. the energy is so obviously genuine and the sound is so authentically original with influences so across the board you can't eve find them. there is something truly timeless in the hits bakar creates, and watching the world discover the talent is bound to be a beautiful thing.

no question about it, bakar deserves to be a household name. it's only a matter of time.

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there is something uncannily smooth about all of joey pecoraro's music. the keys over the brass and vocal samples with the boom-bap drum pattern here is bliss in auditory form. add on top of everything how simple yet beautiful the music video is and what we get is art that cleanses the soul. the weird thing about this track is that you don't realize how much you love it until it's over and you're craving the vibe again.

something this chill yet this powerful is rare. i suggest you dig into the discography asap.

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